Tonight Is The Strongest Full Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!


Strongest Full Moon Of 2018

This month brought several planetary changes and shifts. While they prepare us for some action-packed 2019 year, we may feel a bit tense or uneasy about the things that are coming. We may feel some changes, but still, we cannot be certain about the way in which it will manifest.

This year was definitely a one for improving ourselves, as well as for removing all the layers in order to step in higher awareness, as well as awakening level. It was a stop-and-go kind of year in which we were challenged to pause and question before we move ahead.

Now, all that energy will appear as we are coming to the finish of this year, and we can feel some sense of rebirth and renewal appearing.

We may feel that the merits of hard work are finally successful.

Our Universe is also going to bring a lot of clarity on the route with the Full Moon happening on 23rd and 24th of November. This is, in fact, the first one of the two Full Moons in the sign of Gemini, the second happening in December.

When together, these two Full Moons will help us in bringing clarity to all the directions in our life and is also going to help us in understanding some newly found truth about the directions we have to head in.

So, the first Full Moon happens in November at 0 degrees in the sign of Gemini. From the numerological point, zero actually represents all those possibilities, as well as limitless inventive potential. Actually, it is the point prior to the start, and it represents all the creative processes we, in fact, take, before any idea reaches us.

In different ways, the Full Moon in Gemini represents the power of the person we became and about all the possibilities which lay in front of us just as we come to the end of the year and get ready for the beginning of the next one.

There is a possibility that some truths will be revealed. They may cause us pain, or be difficult to swallow, but it will be necessary to be uncovered.

There can also appear some challenges because this Full Moon holds harsh and intense aspects. However, if we trust what comes and keep it steady in the heart, we are going to be guided ahead.

The possibility of better clarity is higher. It will light our way ahead in a better way for sure.

Suddenly, some new truths will be uncovered, and we will have the ability to see more clearly what was swimming around us for all this time. The newly discovered revelation is going to permit us to understand from where we came and to where we go. It will also permit us to understand better our battles and why the course we were taking looked like that.

The newly discovered clarity is going to be hard to accept at the beginning.

When we have had some beliefs for something, it can be hard for us to let those beliefs go, as we will see the truth.

These are the energies for the Full Moon period. Together with revealing new truths, this period will be motivating us to actually work through the Gemini’s energy as the year is ending. Ending this year with two Full Moons in the same sign is not a mistake coming from our Universe at all.

The energy that Gemini has is all about dualism, and it is shown by the twins, or the soul and the ego. Gemini is the representation of dark and light, as well as the bad or good. Every one of us has these different sides, and we need them so we could make it in our life.

We will not be able to live without our ego or without being linked to the soul. Also, we need to learn about working with both of them, as well as utilizing them to find the strength, and even create the lives which we want to.

Stepping into the next year, we should honor the place we came from and the place to which we are now going. Also, we should acknowledge, as well as be grateful for all the lessons that our soul and ego taught us.

The energy of the sign of Gemini is creative, expressive and very communicative.

We can utilize it for certain benefits, by taking some time in order to talk about problems with our friends, travel, or even express our opinions through creative projects.

If we feel heavy during this period, we should use its energy and use these practices in order to help us in balancing and keeping us feeling better centered.

The Full Moon of November is about illuminations and newly discovered senses of ourselves. Actually, it is some powerful period which is going to help us in forgetting where we were and see some new perspectives in front of us.

We are going to see all those truths, and we will not be afraid anymore. We will have the clarity which is going to help us keep going, being brave and feel the new reality in the heart.

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