Tonight Is The Most Magical New Moon Of 2018 As Mercury Goes Direct — Get Ready For New Beginnings!


magical new moon

Reaching the month of December, the last one of this year, we will reflect on what level we were, how far we came, as well as what we will see in the year that is about to come.

This year was a one of patience. Also, it was the year of powerful inside growth, as well as the right time to reflect on directions in our life.

Tonight’s magical New Moon will bring the ultimate lunar cycle of 2018.

It is the ultimate one prior to entering the season of eclipses in the month of January too.

Happening in Sagittarius, the New Moon on the 6th and 7th of December will help in shining some light on our growing until now and also seeing how much we progressed on our traveling.

For the most part of this year, we had the slower energies flowing in the previous months, which probably made us feel held back, unsure or restricted about moving forward. For instance, we probably had some plans or ideas, but we probably found it difficult to reveal them.

Patience is definitely the keyword related to this year, and there is a possibility that every one of us was called to use and practice patience.

With the inner growth happening throughout this year, we probably did not really have had the ability to see the progress we made.

With the energies of the New Moon in Sagittarius, everything will change.

Being under the Dark Moon’s vibes, we will be able to see how far we reached, and the person we became. We will get a glimpse of our growth and what we achieved during this year.

This year was a one of growth, so certain things inside us shifted in a specific way. Something blossomed, and we will discover what it was.

Everything we have to do is utilize the New Moon’s energies in order to open our eyes, mind, as well as heart, and then travel within, witnessing what will bloom next.

We will bloom, we did the work.

Now, it is a time for rest, seeking adventures, as well as enjoying, entering the season of holidays.

The New Moon of this month has quite an adventurous and energetic spark connected with it. Our favorite things during it will be traveling, socializing, and stepping out of our zone of comfort.

We will also know that we have the chance to smooth some things over during the New Moon, or even ease tensions which were flying around us.

What happened is in our past, and what we did is also in our past.

We should not permit such events to disappoint us, as well as block us from the light and beauty shining within. We should let those things go and permit joy and happiness flow in our life.

The energy of Sagittarius is always helpful in making us look positively on things and focus on things we feel thankful for. Also, it is always helpful in making us see the greater picture, as well as see things from a better perspective.

From time to time, we will be stuck in our feelings and thoughts, as well as all the drama coming from them, so we will begin constructing the falsehoods of our reality very quickly.

Finding ourselves stuck in such thinking, we need to step backward, make space between the thoughts and look things from their exterior.

Taking such approach will help us in seeing things which we probably didn’t see before, as well as focusing on the reality of situations.

Undoubtedly, December is the time to focus our attention on every blessing that surrounds us, as well as practice kindness and gratitude for everything we own.

We should not focus on the things which we needed to do, or we did not need to do but focus on now and how far we came. This year has been a challenging one, but we somehow succeeded throughout it, and as a result of that, we are much stronger.

We should celebrate our success, what we achieved, as well as be proud of ourselves, as we are now standing strong, or glowing, and we are interested in the process of becoming an even better person. This is something which is worth all that celebration.

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