According to Legend, Lilith Was Adam’s First Wife (Not Eve) but The Bible Kept it Secret.


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There is a story from the Bible which tells of how the Earth was created and the beginning of the humanity. In that text, it says that one man was created in the image of God and that after finding that man was lonely, he took a rib from Adam and created Eve. However, another suggestion was that there is a part of the story which was not told in the Bible and it was actually that the first woman was Lilith, not Eve.

God banished Lilith as she was more willful.

It has been said that Lilith has been the first woman in the world and that God created her at the same time when he created Adam. It has also been told that Lilith was then banished and rejected by God after it was found that she was stronger, as well as more intelligent than Adam and she would not obey the commands of Adam.

This character was not mentioned in the Bible to understand the origin of humanity as Lilith was said to go against the traditions of the church in that women have to obey and man and women were in a lower position than man.

The traditional Bible has gone through a lot of religious filters in order to ensure that it loses some of the most important sections and places. However, there is also a part which has been left in which suggests that God created not only a man but a woman too, at the same time, instead of later as it has been proposed in the Bible when the rib was taken from Adam.

Proof that men and women were created at the same time.

In the original text from the King James Bible of Genesis 1:27 the following is written:

And God was the creator of man in his own image, in the image of God he created man; male and female he created both of them.

This leads people to believe that God created both man and woman at the same time. It is said to be the most evident proof which states that both of them were created at the same time and that they could be proof of the existence of Lilith too. Lilith has been created equal to Adam. While she has had different organs inside her, the reproductive organs, generally they both had the same strength and character.

Where did Lilith go?

Catholic churches censored the apocryphal texts. Lilith was a woman that had a character which was firm, and she was intelligent and seemed to be superior to Adam. However, Adam was more dominant, and he had a carnal appetite. In intimacy, Lilith demanded that Adam be on her, and she could be on him, but he refused.

It was said that this had caused conflict and so there was a separation between the two and Lilith was banned by God when Adam asked. The apocryphal book of Genesis states:

Why should I lie beneath you? He asked: I was also made of dust, and because of that I am your equal … When Adam tried to force her to obey, being angry, Lilith pronounced the name of God, and then left.

But, if she went, the big question is where did she go? There was just supposed to be two people at that time. It was suggested that she ran straight into the arms of the devil. It was also said that all the creatures lived in the Garden of Eden and there were demons. These were beings which had specific functions, and they were not permitted to be in any contact with any other creature. Lilith left Adam and went to Samael, one of the demos, and she bore his offspring.

It was also said that Lilith then pronounced the name of God, so God cursed her with the generation that protected with Samael. The text says the following:

She likes the reproductive liquid of man very much, and she always walks to the point of seeing where she has fallen. All the liquid of man which does not end in the matrix of the wife is hers: all the seminal liquid which man finds wasted throughout his life, whether when an adult man or by vice or in sleep.

When God cursed her, as well as all of her offspring, Lilith was made into a demon. When she was cursed, God realized that Adam was all alone again, so he decided to make him a companion. This time, to ensure that it would be an obedient companion, he took one of Adam’s ribs and created Eve.

She was the second wife of Adam, and in the Bible, she was the one behind the sin of the forbidden fruit. Adam was said to have lived with her without problems until they both got expelled from paradise and this was when humanity in permanent sin started.

It looks like what caused trouble with the old hierarchy of the church was the fact of the relationship with seduction along with pleasure, as well as equality. Through history, the religions which have been established there have not been equally between the female and the male religious figures. This also saw the accounts of Lilith being censured from the Bible, as it gave some ideas of empowerment to women.

So, Lilith was the first woman, the one before Eve, to exist but she was more intelligent and rebellious and also had a better character than man, so she was punished and disciplined.


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