109-Year-Old Woman Says The Secret To A Long Life Is Avoiding Men.


secret to a long life

From the beginning of time, people always wanted to know the secret to living a long life. Death is an inevitable part, but we can at least try our hardest to stay alive for as long as possible as we can.

But, what we are supposed to do in order to avoid death?

Well, according to the oldest woman in Scotland, we should eat porridge every day and avoid men.

The woman called Jessie Gallan was the oldest woman in Scotland until she passed away at the age of 109. But, before she died, she shared her secrets to her long life. Every morning, Jessie enjoyed a nice, as well as warm bowl of oatmeal. She also did her daily exercises and hung out with her friends.

However, one surprising thing about Jessie is that she has never been married. The adorable centenarian revealed her secrets in one interview with the Daily Mail. She said:

For me, the secret to long life was staying away from men. Men are just more trouble than they are worth. I also made sure that I got plenty of exercises, as well as eat a nice bowl of porridge every morning and I have never been married.

Instead of hanging with men, Jessie suggested that you fill every day with things which you enjoy in life, such as friends, family and a lot more. And, considering that she lived until 109 years old, she must know what she is talking about.

Jessie spent most of her life in the service industry. She said that she has never had to depend on anybody. Even though she had her ups and downs, she had done everything all on her own. During the same interview with The Daily Mail, she said:

I always worked hard and seldom would I ever take a holiday. I left my home when I was 13, and I started a job milking cows. I always had good jobs with very nice people around me. It is amazing to see how entirely different the world is now from the one in which I was born, and I grew up.

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